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Compliance Monitoring

In moving to a self-service web-based solution, our Adequacy Analysis cloud services provide for ongoing network adequacy compliance monitoring and allows you to expose the results of those reviews to unlimited resources within your organization. This eliminates the need for ongoing manual reporting and allows the consumers of this information to perform reviews online in a self-service environment. Some of the benefits include:

  • High-level Adequacy Summaries (overall county progress)
  • Drill-down options (by specialty by county)
  • Trend Reporting

Built on the all-new Quest Cloud Services™ platform, we've changed the game again and taken our industry-leading Adequacy Analysis capabilities to the Cloud!

Our Compliance Monitoring Solution makes it easy to monitor the overall adequacy of your network every day in regards to compliance with state and federal standards. Find gaps in your network by specialty and geography.

Does Your Network Stack Up?

Then, once you know where you stand, seamlessly combine that newfound knowledge with our groundbreaking Impact Analysis service to identify providers who can best fill those gaps.

Drill down into specific county-level results to better understand your network adequacy by specialty. See where you have gaps in access or too few servicing providers. In addition, if you've specified a source of prospect providers, the system points out areas where your prospects could make an impact towards improving your overall network adequacy - making it easy to target the right providers to contract.

County-level Detail

Once you've identified a specialty gap area, you can drill-down even further to measure the impact of your existing network providers or identify prospect providers to fill the gap - prioritized by how beneficial they are to filling your gap areas.

County-level Detail

Client Profile

The Compliance Monitoring Solution is best suited for health plans who currently offer Medicare Advantage networks or are planning a network expansion, as well as plans looking to get into these markets. Combine this continuous online network compliance monitoring service with the Quest Analytic Suite™ to take full advantage of the best cloud and desktop tools needed for ad-hoc or in-depth network analysis.

Examples: Medicare Advantage Plans, Part-D Pharmacy Networks, Medicaid Plans, Government Agencies, ...

As it has always been with Quest Analytics, you go out of your way to help with even the smallest of things thus making the client feel that they are more important than anything else.

Ron Ventura
Director of Reporting
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