Quest Cloud Services™
Provider Search Services


Leverage Quest Analytics' industry-leading geographic provider searching capabilities via the Quest Cloud Services™ platform. Integrate powerful geographically-indexed provider searching technology directly into your own website by using our Web API, giving you complete control over the presentation of your directory.

With a simple call to our Web API, you can get JSON results such as those illustrated below that can be displayed on your website for a fully-integrated user experience:

        "NPI": "1508910324",
        "Name": "YOUNG, TED Y.",
        "Address": "7601 STONERIDGE DR",
        "City": "PLEASONTON",
        "State": "CA",
        "Zip": "94588",
        "Phone": "925.847.5226",
        "Distance": 1.2
        "NPI": "1316022072",
        "Name": "LIPPERT, RANDOLPH",
        "Address": "39400 PASEO PADRE PKWY",
        "City": "FREMONT",
        "State": "CA",
        "Zip": "94538",
        "Phone": "510.795.3000",
        "Distance": 4.7

Client Profile

The Provider Search Service is best suited for health plans who want to take control over their online directory solution by leveraging the industry leading capabilities offered by Quest Analytics. The Provider Search Service allows health plans to access real-time data to meet the emerging requirements of maintaining a current online provider directory. This service includes options to integrate with the Quest Cloud Services™ platform to allow for notifications between the hosted online directory and other Cloud Services.

Examples: HMOs, PPOs, TPAs, Dental, Pharmacy Networks, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, Exchange Plans, ...

As it has always been with Quest Analytics, you go out of your way to help with even the smallest of things thus making the client feel that they are more important than anything else.

Ron Ventura
Director of Reporting
Value Options

Combine Quest Analytics' Provider Search Services with others such as Data Management Services to take full advantage of the Quest Cloud Services™ platform.