Quest Analytics Suite™
Developer Edition


Finally, for those who really want to customize their implementation of the Quest Analytics Suite, we have an Application Programming Interface (API) designed to allow software developers to access our underlying object framework from within third-party software applications.

Developer Edition

Now you can develop web sites or software applications that perform tasks such as calculate distances on-the-fly, search your provider data geographically or automate provider recruiting based on Medicare adequacy analysis standards. The potential applications are limitless!

The Developer Edition is the right choice when:

  • Automation is key to your success
  • Customer self-service (internal or external) is part of your strategy
  • Incorporating results to support other internal/external initiatives
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage over your peer companies is essential

The Developer Edition of the Quest Analytics Suite allows for the development of custom solutions for business needs. To give a better idea of what can be done, we've built a series of samples. These are detailed below:

Sample API Use Cases
Find a Provider This example visualizes a simplified directory-search scenario in which a member can input search information to find nearby providers.
Provider Change Notifications Managing your network and maintaining compliance with provider change notifications can be a daunting task. This examples illustrates the automation of the member notification process for provider network changes, as well as helps health plans understand the impact of member access and claims utilization for every provider in the network.

The Developer Edition of the Quest Analytics Suite requires the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Full Version). Therefore, it can be run on any Windows PC capable of running the .NET 4 framework. Here are our recommendations:

Development Workstation
Development Software Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional or newer;
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or Oracle 10g
Processor Minimum required by Visual Studio
Operating System Minimum required by Visual Studio

The Developer Edition of the Quest Analytics Suite includes a copy of the Desktop Edition. This makes it easy for the application developer to test their code by saving projects to files that can be opened in the Desktop Edition for viewing and validation. It is strongly recommended that users have access to an Adobe Acrobat printer driver to create PDF files for onscreen viewing and electronic exchange. The following software is recommended:

PDF Support Adobe Acrobat X - Standard Edition

Client Profile

The Developer Edition is the ideal choice for clients who can benefit from self-service and have the need to enable analysis beyond the trained users of the desktop interface, but who have the functionality integrated into their own tools or enabled via a Web Browser.

Examples: Large Regional/National Insurers, PBMs, Government Agencies, Consultants and Brokers, TPAs, Health Insurance Exchanges, ...

As it has always been with Quest Analytics, you go out of your way to help with even the smallest of things thus making the client feel that they are more important than anything else.

Ron Ventura
Director of Reporting
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