Quest Analytics Suite™
Disruption Module

The Flexible Solution

Disruption Analysis is an area of healthcare network analysis that, over the past decade, has struggled to find a standardized solution. That's true no longer - the Quest Analytics Suiteā„¢ strikes the perfect balance between standardization, flexibility and transparency.

When you need to perform a disruption analysis, often times you can be faced with challenges in the provider data you receive that can impact your ability to return an effective analysis. The data you're given is often sketchy and sparsely populated making it difficult to apply standardized approaches. Additionally, when consultants and employers are requesting transparency into your data matching process, black box solutions just fall short.

Disruption Analysis

The Disruption Analysis Module provides a powerful feature set designed to solve these problems inherent in performing a disruption analysis, such as:

  • Unlimited Matching Passes to Optimize Match Rate
  • Matching Pass Prioritization to Maximize Confidence
  • Standardized Reports to Improve Reliability
  • Robust Claims Data Handling to Weight Your Analysis
  • Customizable Confidence Levels
  • Complete Transparency on All Reports

And, since the Disruption Analysis Module is part of the fully integrated Quest Analytics Suite, you can leverage cross-module functionality to measure access to matched or unmatched providers to gauge the impact of any disruption.

Client Profile

The Disruption Analysis Module is best suited for clients who need to respond to RFPs for disruption reports and for the consultants and brokers who construct those RFPs. This module includes provider database matching analysis functionality used by hundreds of healthcare networks nationwide.

Examples: Health Plans, Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, Behavioral Health, TPAs, PPOs, ...

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Kerrie Cottrell
Supervisor, Data Team
Priority Health