Quest Analytics Suite™
Geocoder Module

GPS-Level Precision

High quality geographic analysis is a process that begins with highly accurate geocoding to assign coordinates (latitude/longitude) to each address. When we are confident of a precise physical location, we can then add contextual information to make informed and insightful decisions. Therefore, the Quest Analytics Suite™ incorporates geocoding technology from Pitney Bowes - a recognized global leader in geospatial analytics.

Geocoder Module First and foremost, the Geocoder Module is about street-level geocoding. Your address data is standardized to USPS specifications and then matched against an extensive database of street information to determine an exact latitude and longitude for each address.

Of course, there are always a few records that can't be geocoded exactly due to any number of anomalies such as spelling errors or missing elements of the address. Therefore, we include our industry-leading Distributive Geocoding™ technology to provide a safety net for those addresses that just can't be matched at the street level. Distributive geocoding uses a combination of USPS and Census population data to approximate appropriate locations within a Zip Code in order to distribute points in a way that mimics real-world population trends.

Client Profile

The Geocoder Module is best suited for clients who require precise geographic analyses. This module provides geographic encoding functionality used by hundreds of healthcare networks nationwide.

Examples: Health Plans, Dental, Vision, Pharmacy, Behavioral Health, TPAs, PPOs, ...

As it has always been with Quest Analytics, you go out of your way to help with even the smallest of things thus making the client feel that they are more important than anything else.

Ron Ventura
Director of Reporting
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