Quest Analytics Suite™
Server Edition

The Enterprise Solution

Organizations that desire to integrate the functionality of the Quest Analytics Suite into their larger enterprise information systems turn to the Server Edition.

Server Edition

This powerful set of Windows server software components can be deployed into your network infrastructure and scaled to meet your analysis and report demands. Running as a Windows Service with a Web Service front end, the Server Edition gives you the power to integrate tasks such as geocoding, distance calculations, access analysis, disruption analyses and Medicare adequacy analysis with all of your other IT systems, thereby streamlining the process of insuring your provider networks are adequate to meet your business commitments.

The Server Edition is the right choice when:

  • Processing large files to improve overall performance and turn-around times
  • The desktop is needed for other ad-hoc functions
  • The ability to run multiple large-scale reports at the same time is important
  • Geocoding directly to the source database and elimination of provider extracts is key
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage over your peer companies is essential

The following diagram illustrates the general flow of information between the various subsystems of the Server Edition and how a client application interacts with the web service to submit and monitor jobs:

The Windows Service and Web Service components of the Server Edition require the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Full Version) and can be run on any Windows computer capable of running the .NET 4 framework. There are many factors to consider when sizing a server, such as expected volume, desired levels of redundancy, scalability and availability. The following recommendations are a good starting point for a typical installation:

Application/Web Server
Processor At least two single-core CPUs or one dual-core CPU
Operating System Windows Server 2008 R2 or newer
Free Disk Space 20 GB

The Database component of the Server Edition can be installed on either a Microsoft SQL Server database server or an Oracle database server. The demand placed on the database server for system management is quite low and the database is fairly small. Here are some general recommendations for the database server:

Database Server
Database Software Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or newer;
Oracle 10g or newer
Processor Minimum required by your database software
Operating System Minimum required by your database software

Please Note: The database requirements for provider and member data used by the system can vary widely and will depend upon the scale and scope of your data needs.

Client Profile

The Server Edition is best suited for clients working with large networks who need to gain efficiencies of scale and have the IT resources available to integrate functionality from the Quest Analytics Suite into your overall corporate information systems strategy.

Examples: Large Regional/National Insurers, PBMs, Government Agencies, Consultants and Brokers, TPAs, Health Insurance Exchanges, ...

As it has always been with Quest Analytics, you go out of your way to help with even the smallest of things thus making the client feel that they are more important than anything else.

Ron Ventura
Director of Reporting
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