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Quest Cloud Services™
Data Management Services

Take the stress out of managing your provider data by leveraging the Data Management Services provided by Quest Cloud Services™ platform.

Monitor and trend your provider data accuracy through our automated solution to minimize your risk of potential fines and maintain compliance within today’s ever-changing regulations.

Data Management Services includes:

  • NPI Validation – Identifies NPIs in your database that are not valid
  • Deactivated NPI Validation – Identifies providers in your database that are no longer active (deceased, retired, disbarred, etc.)
  • Specialty Validation – Identifies providers in your database where potential specialty discrepancies may exist
  • Duplicate Specialty Validation – Identifies providers listed with more than one specialty
  • Multiple Address Validation – Identifies providers who have multiple practice locations
  • Invalid Addresses – Identifies addresses that are not valid and corrects invalid zip codes with a correct address, city & State.
  • OIG Exclusions – Identifies providers on the OIG exclusions list
  • Medicare Opt Out – Identifies providers that have chosen not to participate in Medicare Advantage

Client Profile

Our Data Management Service is best suited for health plans who currently offer or are considering the option of offering Medicare Advantage networks.

Examples: Medicare Advantage Plans, Part-D Pharmacy Networks, Medicaid Plans, Government Agencies, ...

Having access to the tools provided by Quest Analytics provides us with an invaluable asset in understanding how our network will perform within the new requirements from CMS for Network Adequacy and HSD reporting.

Jim Heffley
Director, Provider Informatics

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