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Fifty-seven percent of National Provider Identifiers (NPIs) have not been updated in over five years, leaving inaccurate data in a health plan’s network analysis and provider directory. Furthermore, many of the changes that happen as a result of providers updating their information are not accounted for in the health plan network analysis or made to the health plan’s provider directory. Consequently, consumers find themselves facing more barriers, more often, when needing to schedule health care appointments.

Correcting inaccurate provider data is key to the success and quality of your health plan’s network and member experience. We created this infographic to illustrate:

  • Why your network might not be as adequate as you think
  • The dangers of inflated networks
  • How to connect the links of provider data accuracy and network adequacy
  • The five barriers to access care
  • The cost of non-compliance to a plan
  • How to shift from an adequate network to an excellent one


1– NPI Aging analysis completed by Animas Data Solutions, LLC (Oct 2020).

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CMS Results

We visually break down the results of audits conducted by CMS in 2016, 2017, and 2018. There is a good chance that the results may surprise you.

Barriers to Care

According to CMS, 41.7% of directories have errors. These barriers to care negatively impact your members’ experience.

From Adequate to Excellent

Plans that don’t consider both the accuracy and adequacy of their networks may create negative experiences for their members and risk non-compliance.

CMS Resource Hub

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Provider Directory Verification Resources

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