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Provider Data Management

Ironclad insights to make your provider data more efficient and keep your team focused on insights, not repetitive tasks.

Intuitive and interactive dashboard. Competitor network comparisons. Payer participation by healthsystem. Quickly review insights and create dynamic reports.

Achieve higher market entry success and win more RFPs

Optimize your network with broader insights into how they compare in the market. Our Network Benchmarking services leverage third-party network data, deep industry experience and powerful analytic tools to create a unique and user-friendly experience to quickly gain data-driven insights. With a few keystrokes, you can view your membership in a competing network or the PCP overlap between you and a competing plan, including their relative performance. You can answer critical questions like:

  • What do your competitor networks look like by geography, product and specialty?   
  • Are you competing against smaller high-performing networks or broad networks?   
  • Do you have too many high-cost specialists in your network, making me less cost-competitive?​ 

And for even deeper analysis, all the insights are provided at the product/network, line of business, specialty and county levels. 

Network Benchmarking includes:
  • Intuitive and Interactive Dashboard
  • Payer Participation by Healthsystem
  • Competitor Network Comparisons

An Intuitive and Interactive Dashboard 

User-friendly design allows you to quickly review insights and create dynamic reports to share across your organization.

Payer Participation by Health System

Intel into how many competing payers are participating with a health system by product/network, line of business, specialty and county helps you understand provider capacity protecting the availability of services for your members. 

Competitor Network Comparisons

Critical insights into how your network compares to your competitors in the market allowing you to leverage your strengths and realize opportunities for improvement.  The analysis includes details like: 

  • Market share and relative accessibility 
  • Overlap in providers by product/network, line of business, specialty and county 
  • Membership view in competitor’s network 

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Our consultants have deep professional services industry experience and data analytics proficiency. They are ready to help you achieve your network performance goals.

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