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Maximize and Prioritize Your Expansion and Recruitment Efforts

Wondering what expansion strategy and process United HealthCare used to become an industry leader? We have the details! Get the inside look at how United HealthCare uses Quest Enterprise Services to:

  • Achieve massive growth
  • Maintain quality provider data
  • Increase expansion efforts six months ahead of schedule
  • Build quality Medicare, Commercial and Medicaid lines of business
  • Monitor, identify, track and close gaps week-to-week
  • Streamline the submission of network applications and HSD tables to CMS

Sheryelee Loveall is United HealthCare’s Director of Network Data Analytics and Reporting for the Medicare & Retirement line of business, who supports Network Management in their mission to provide adequate & viable networks for Medicare Beneficiaries across the United States.  

Linda Borths, Chief Client Officer, Quest Analytics

This webinar is from Vision Quest 2020.


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