Author: Jim Dayton

Top 3 Things the “No Surprises Act” Means for Health Plans

Top 3 Things the No Surprises Act Means for Health Plans

It’s staggering to think that, according to researchers, one in five emergency room visits result in an individual receiving a bill for treatment or services they expected to be covered by their health plan, but weren’t. These unexpected, costly, and often frustrating charges are aptly called Surprise Medical Bills. While surprise medical bills impact consumers… Read more »

Quest Analytics Statement on Network Security

Quest Analytics logo against a graphical representation of a provider network

Quest Analytics takes the security of our networks seriously, employing a defense-in-depth strategy with multiple layers of security. All systems are patched and updated in a timely manner and we continuously monitor our networks and infrastructure for anomalous traffic. Quest Analytics does not use SolarWinds Orion.

Quest Analytics Speeds Data Processing and Focuses on Innovation with Azure SQL Database Hyperscale

Quest Analytics solution architecture diagram

Reprinted from Microsoft Customer Stories. Quest Analytics is a leader in healthcare network solutions, offering a software as a service platform that insurance companies can use to manage provider networks. As the company grew, so did the volume and complexity of its data. Quest Analytics upgraded to the Hyperscale service tier of Microsoft Azure SQL… Read more »

5 Things I Learned at Vision Quest

Admittedly, I’m new to network management. I’ve spent years working in healthcare, but this is my first time working with payers to enhance their provider networks across access, adequacy and accuracy. Lucky for me, I got a behind-the-scenes view through Quest Analytics’ Vision Quest conference. I heard from industry leaders, and as a session moderator,… Read more »

New Metrics are Critical to Addressing Mental Health Access Concerns

Addressing Mental Health Access Concerns

Webinar On-Demand: Gain A Regulator’s View Into Mental Health Access Our new normal is far from normal. There is this level of incredible, nonstop uncertainty around our current situation, and none of us are immune. CDC data, collected in late June, noted an increase month-over-month in mental health issues. It showed that 40 percent of… Read more »