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The evolution of provider data network reporting for RFPs and more

A Win-Win for Boosting RFP Response Time & Efficiency

Quest Analytics GeoAccess Sales Reporting software simplifies your Request for Proposal (RFP) process, curing many of the pain points for your Sales Representatives, market analysts and network analysts.

Provide your teams with the standard GeoAccess reports they need, get your information to decision-makers sooner and free up valuable time for more strategic business efforts.

  • Increase RFP response time and become more competitive in the market.
  • Improve your win rate.
  • Empower Sales Reps to maintain control of the narrative because they know your customers best.
  • Solve for your team’s standard reporting needs.
  • Get more time to focus on robust and strategic reporting.
  • Meet business standards and give your teams what they need to compete.

The all-new GeoAccess Report

At Quest Analytics, we’ve found that up to 50% of network analysts’ time is spent developing standard reports for Sales and RFP teams. We developed GeoAccess Sales Reporting within our Quest Enterprise Services platform to improve that!

  • Analysts set up report parameters, mapping health plan information and upload census data using our cloud-based portal.
  • Sales teams, from the field or office, can log in, request and receive standardized, analyst-approved GeoAccess reports to answer most RFPs in minutes instead of days.
  • Your organization’s RFP efficiency increases by up to 30%.

GeoAccess Reports in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Cover page– allows users to create a custom cover page with default settings to populate with brand standards like company logo and specific product-level information
  2. Access Analysis– taking complicated requirements and streamlining settings to mirror requirements in the proposal. Easy to edit section for calculating distance and times
  3. Population– easily upload census file for the analysis
  4. Page Options– will be defaulted, allowing users to run reports easily without relying on analysts
  5. Review– preview the report attributes before finalizing

Actionable Insights In Your Workflow

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t add an analytics function to GeoAccess Sales Reporting. As your teams utilize the portal and create standardized reports, the solution will allow you to collect usage data to understand how many and what reports are being created. This information will enable you to decide how to optimize the tool, what reports to add or take out of the portal and what reports have the most effect on your RFP win rate.

Part of the Quest Software as a Service Solution

GeoAccess Sales Reporting is part of the Quest Analytics Software as a Service offering. Along with Quest Enterprise Services Adequacy and Accuracy, these solutions mean ease of implementation with a single sign-on secure login.  Within days your team can be up and running on their web browser with GeoAccess Sales reports.

Provider Network Management: Fix inaccurate data, adjust network adequacy, improved member experience.

Start Increasing Your RFP Efficiency Today

Our team is ready to help you respond to RFPs faster, win more often and boost your analysts’ efficiency up to 30% with GeoAccess Sales Reporting.

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