Strategies for Incorporating Telehealth Network Adequacy Credits

A Dialogue for Federal and State Health Policy Regulators and Leaders

As healthcare delivery evolves through the rapid growth of telehealth services, it is crucial to explore opportunities and address the challenges that arise. Join Zach Snyder, Vice President of Government Affairs at Quest Analytics, for a thought-provoking webinar dedicated to developing health policy frameworks that address the integration of telehealth credits into network adequacy standards.

Event Details:

  • Date: September 12, 2023
  • Time: Noon CST
  • Location: Virtual

Key Areas to be Covered

Our webinar aims to offer practical insights and foster interactive discussions to address the challenge of incorporating Telehealth Network Adequacy Credits. During this event, we will cover the following key areas:

  • Policy Developments: Hear a thorough review of the increasing focus on policy conversations surrounding Network Adequacy Telehealth Credits. We will delve into key discussions within CMS in Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and the Exchanges. Moreover, we will explore how state Medicaid agencies and state DOIs are pursuing policies in this realm. Stay up-to-date with the latest insights presented in articles from reputable sources like Health Affairs and Inside Health Policy. We will also shed light on the positions announced by major organizations such as AHIP and AMA.
  • Meaningful Incorporation: Discover best practices to ensure that Network Adequacy Telehealth Credits are not just empty gestures, but rather meaningful contributors to network adequacy. Through interactive discussions, we will explore strategies to enhance provider network management. Our focused lens will encompass vital aspects like social determinants of health, provider quality, and behavioral health, all of which are crucial in the context of Network Adequacy Telehealth Credits.
  • Insights from Experts and Research: Our distinguished panel of experts will share their invaluable insights and expertise on successful implementation strategies for Network Adequacy Telehealth Credits. Drawing from comprehensive research studies, we will equip you with practical approaches that have been proven to make a real impact.

Who Should Attend?
We welcome Federal and State Regulators, Directors, Commissioners, and Health Policymakers committed to enhancing accessibility and effectiveness to health care. Join us as we unveil practical and strategic approaches to meet the unique needs of different regions.

How to Register?
Contact us for an invitation and we’ll send you all the necessary details, including the virtual event link.

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