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Evolving Your Employer Group Benefits RFP Reporting

A Win-Win for Boosting RFP Response Time & Efficiency

Quest Enterprise Services (QES) Access Reporting allows your Sales Team to create access reports in a self-service environment, making it easier for them to respond faster to Employer Group RFPs.

Provide your teams with the standard reports they need, get your information to decision-makers sooner and free up valuable time for more strategic business efforts.

  • The Self-Service Sales Tool allows the Sales Team to generate multiple reports at once.
  • Increase the response time and transparency of the reports.
  • Confidently demonstrate how the network is consistent with the requestor’s business needs.
  • Streamline your team’s standard Employer Group RFP reporting needs.
  • Gain more time to focus on robust and strategic reporting.
  • Enhance cross-team collaboration to achieve business retention and growth goals.

You Talked, We Listened

According to our clients, a network analyst can spend 50% of his or her time creating Standard Access reports for the Sales or Proposal teams. Our QES Access Reporting tool allows your Sales Team to generate these reports in a self-serve environment to minimize hassle and increase success.

QES Access Reporting
  • The cloud-based solution significantly reduces the lengthy request-review, back and forth process, which can take days or even weeks to complete.
  • Reports can be generated directly by the Sales Teams without having to wait for the analyst to fulfill requests.
  • Multiple reports can be run simultaneously and from anywhere – which has proven to be essential as remote work environments have become more prevalent.
  • Teams can collaborate with ease by seeing critical business items through the same lens.
  • Generate a report on any size business, giving your Sales Team a competitive advantage in the Small Group Health Insurance Market.

Reports in 5 Easy Steps

QES Access Reporting guides the user through the process of creating the report. The output is the same, but the process is self-service.

  1. Select your Product.
  2. Choose your Access Analysis
  3. Upload your Census file.
  4. Select your Report Pages.
  5. Review & Generate.

Actionable Insights In Your Workflow

We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t add an analytics function to QES Access Reporting. As your teams utilize the Self-Service Sales Tool to create standardized reports, the solution will allow you to collect usage data to understand how many and what reports are being created. This information will enable you to decide how to optimize the tool, what reports to add or remove, and which reports have the most impact on your RFP win rate.

Designed with Network Managers in Mind

As a Network Manager, you are at the strategic center of ensuring your organization’s Employer Group Benefits RFP success. You’re tasked with providing the right tools, insights and guidance for your analysts, Sales and Proposal Teams to respond to RFPs quickly, accurately and at a high volume. Not an easy task as the needs of the groups can sometimes seem at odds.

Discover how we built QES Access Reporting to solve the challenges you face every day – getting you out of the weeds and giving you more time to lead your teams to more RFP wins confidently.

Part of the Quest Analytics Family of Solutions

QES Access Reporting is an excellent complement to your Quest Analytics Suite (QAS). More teams are able to create and fulfill standard requests in QES Access Reporting. At the same time, your analysts still have access to configurable modules such as Disruption Analysis, GeoCoder, Mapping and custom Access Analysis that provides the in-depth analysis they depend on.

(QES) Access Reporting is also part of the Quest Analytics Software as a Service offering. Along with Quest Enterprise Services Adequacy and Accuracy, these solutions mean ease of implementation with a single sign-on secure login.  Within days your team can be up and running on their web browser with QES Access Reporting.

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