Provider Network Management for Dental and Vision Networks

Providing smarter management for today’s dental and vision plans

Measure both network adequacy and directory accuracy. Manage with smart tools and actionable insights. Monitor performance and drive improvement.


Quest Analytics helps America’s leading dental and vision plans measure, manage and monitor network performance across all business lines.

Our Quest Enterprise Services links network adequacy and provider directory accuracy thereby reducing regulatory risk for both measures, while allowing you to integrate actionable data and insights within your workflow, including credentialing, directories, contracting, claims and more.


With 30 years experience in analyzing networks, we’ve developed the industry standards for network adequacy used by every insurance company in the U.S. Now within our SaaS based Quest Enterprise Services, you are able to quickly and easily measure, manage and monitor all your specialties for government or commercial programs.

Respond Confidently to RFPs

Quest Enterprise Services gives you a competitive advantage when responding to RFPs by allowing you to show your network’s differentiators based on each client’s specialty utilization: by market share, availability, capacity and provider directory accuracy. Not to mention having the ability to demonstrate total market accessibility (reducing out of network utilization) and accuracy analytics (reducing surprise billings).

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Respond Confidently to Accreditation Requests

Demonstrating consistency in how you measure, manage and monitor your network’s adequacy and provider directory accuracy is a key component to accreditation. Quest Enterprise Services helps you respond to accreditation agency requests, such as NCQA or URAC, by providing you with the ability to demonstrate your network’s performance over time.


Provide access to the tools and insights your team needs to work more intelligently and more proactively.

To help you ensure your members have adequate access to care, our services include:

1. Competitive Advantage RFPs

Provide brokers and consultants a real-time view into the adequacy of your commercial network and accuracy of your provider data on a ongoing basis.

2. Provider Data Management Services

Validate your provider network data, while tracking and trending your progress over time.

3. Market Comparisons

Understand the depth of your network and your market share compared to the total availability of providers by specialty.

4. Membership Analysis

Model and assess your network using your own member data, in addition to a beneficiary or census file supplied by a regulator. Also, prioritize filling deficiencies based on the amount of membership at risk.

5. Network Performance Trending

Respond to accreditation agency requests, such as NCQA with confidence by demonstrating an ongoing process and providing a real-time view into network performance over time.

6. Adequacy Services

Measure, manage and monitor your network adequacy score in real-time, including the ability to understand how current and future provider contracts impact your network adequacy. Utilize additional metrics on network/prospect providers that you want, such as quality, utilization fields or cost & efficiency data.

7. Accuracy Services

Understand what’s right, wrong and missing within your provider data enabling you to remediate issues, manage any potential impact on your network adequacy and track performance over time.

8. Impact Analysis Services

Fill your gaps more efficiently. View what providers are available in the Market as well as within your other lines of business and their impact on your network adequacy by geography and specialty.


By running all of your networks through a single provider network management platform, you’ll gain a better understanding of the strength of your network and the impact of your providers across business lines. You’ll create cross-departmental efficiencies, cut costs and have a realtime lens into how your network compares to the market.

Solve Your Provider Directory Accuracy Challenges Today

Our team is ready to help you address the challenges provider data presents. We want to help you take your member experiences to the next level and avoid regulatory risks, like audits, and meet the mandates around surprise billing.

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