Proven Provider Network Management

For more than 30 years, we’ve been improving provider network management one groundbreaking innovation at a time.

Advanced Analytics. Unparalleled Expertise.

Why do all eight of the nation’s largest insurance companies, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), state regulators, benefit brokers, consultants, third-party administrators (TPAs) and more than 425 health plans trust us to solve their access, adequacy and accuracy problems?

Because only Quest Analytics delivers consistently cutting-edge solutions that get the job done.

With Quest Enterprise Services, we’ve done it again, delivering the first and only provider network management platform that reduces regulatory risk — for network adequacy and provider data accuracy — while streamlining workflow across the enterprise. We help our partners build excellent networks that ensure their members have access to quality care.


A Promise Kept

Quest Analytics believes the idea that Health insurance is a promise. And that Health care is a promise kept. We help America’s health plans keep theirs by providing them with enterprise-wide network adequacy and directory accuracy solutions that streamline their workflow while saving their teams time and resources.

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Trusted Partner of CMS AND STATES

We’ve worked closely with CMS for more than 13 years to improve the quality of Medicare Advantage and Qualified Health Plan networks nationwide. We’re also a trusted resource for more than 30 state regulatory departments and independent review organizations across multiple lines of business, including the largest departments in the nation.


We’re proud to offer the nation’s only auditable clearinghouse of provider data. Our BetterDoctor Exchange is a secure online platform that is used by more than 700,000 providers at more than 360,000 locations to verify their data. This partnership gives us the unique ability to integrate provider data accuracy into Quest Enterprise Services.

For health plans, payers, and health systems, it means we can help you streamline provider data verification. Our proprietary process and technology gives you real-time access to the status of your provider data and offers an ongoing verification process that meets federal guidelines.


We’re Great Partners

Maybe you’ve heard healthcare is complicated. We certainly have. We’ve learned no two health plans are structured alike or face exactly the same challenges. That’s why we work so closely with our customers to understand — and address — their needs. In fact, many of our most useful innovations began with a customer challenge. Maybe that’s why, at last check, our health plan partners consistently give us an industry-high Net Promoter Score, and we’re recommended by the doctor’s providers trust most.

And We’re Just Getting Started

We’re a growing company — and thanks to our investment partners, we’ve got the financial resources to move the national healthcare needle in a very big way.

Which is just what we’re doing.

Our Leadership Team

Seasoned industry veterans on a shared quest to transform healthcare.

Quest Analytics CEO Steve Levin
Steve Levin

Chief Executive Officer

Quest Analytics Chief Commercial Officer Brent Sanders
Brent Sanders

Chief Commercial Officer

Quest Analytics CFO Jim Rubin
Jim Rubin

Chief Financial Officer

Quest Analytics Chief Client Officer Linda Borths
Linda Borths

Chief Client Officer

Barbara Dumery

Chief Product Officer

Scott Westover

SVP Network and Regulatory Strategy

Quest Analytics Executive VP of Corporate Development
Bill Kleinfelter, R.Ph.

Executive VP of Provider Solutions

Jim Brown

SVP, Network Performance

Neal Danner

Chief Technology Officer

Our Expert Team

Have questions? Our top-notch experts can help you with your provider data management issues.

Our Board

Roger Holstein

Chairman at Quest Analytics and Managing Director, Digital Media Head for Vestar Capital Partners

Elizabeth Bierbower

Board Member

Charles Boorady

Founder and Managing Director at Health Catalyst Capital

Stephen Gold

Board Member

David Hill

Co-Founder at Quest Analytics

Frank Ingari

President and CEO at Tandigm Health

Rita Johnson-Mills

Board Member

Steve Levin

CEO at Quest Analytics

Dr. Bill Lewis

Board Member

John Weis

Co-Founder at Quest Analytics

Norm Alpert

Founder and Co-President for Vestar Capital Partners

Nikhil J. Bhat

Managing Director, Co-Head of Business & Technology Services for Vestar Capital Partners

Deliver on tomorrow’s goals by planning today

Our main priority is assisting you with your day-to-day roles and responsibilities of ensuring accurate provider directories and adequate health networks, in turn, maintaining appropriate access to care for your members. We encourage you to lean on us as much as you need. Each of us at Quest Analytics has the tools and technology to help you and your team meet the needs and goals you have for your Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Commercial lines of business.

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