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Understand the Value of Your Health System’s Network

Knowledge Is Power

As someone who is responsible for building and optimizing health system networks, you know the importance of operating with complete visibility into your participation, access and adequacy across all payers in all service areas. Transparency of information is a competitive advantage, especially during contract negotiations with existing and prospective payer organizations.

Improve Your Contract Negotiations

By clearly articulating the value of your health system’s network you can substantially impact your negotiated prices.

Having the right information regarding the adequacy and accuracy of your network allows you to confidently demonstrate to a payer that your network alone is sufficient to support their members in an area. And, if you do need to expand your network to gain that competitive advantage, meet regulatory requirements or meet value-based reimbursement programs, having strategic insights into your network gaps and which providers are available to fill them is critical.

“With the tools I have from Quest Analytics, we can take an offensive strategy with payers to say, we are adequate, and we can be in your network in this area without any other providers because we have everything covered from a CMS regulatory perspective.” Sr. Network Development Executive, Top 10 National Health System

Improve Team Communication and Streamline Compliance Monitoring

So, how do you get there?

Implementing automated tools and technology can enhance your cross-team communication, create workflow efficiencies and streamline your compliance monitoring processes.

That’s why more than 50 of the largest health systems rely on Quest Analytics. Our Quest Enterprise Services (QES) provides your health system the tools you need to easily measure, manage and monitor your network. Through our online dashboards, your team can see in real-time the status of your network, and how changes to the provider mix will affect the adequacy of your network. Thereby allowing you to make more strategic decisions and win more RFPs.

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BetterDoctor For Large Groups & Health Systems

Skip the Portal. Send a Roster.

Streamline the verification process with your large group and health system rosters. The BetterDoctor Exchange, allows you to submit your group roster instead of completing numerous, individual requests. Best of all, it’s free to large groups and health systems. Save time, save money, save hassle … maybe even save yourself a Friday afternoon if it works out just right. 

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