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PY2025 QHP Certification Marketplace Network Adequacy Rules Policy Brief

PY2025 QHP Certification Marketplace Final Rule

Big changes! Discover the latest PY2025 & PY2026 network adequacy requirements for QHP certification in state and federal Marketplaces. 

Executive Summary: New Rules for PY2025 QHP Certification
Be Ready for Network Adequacy and QHP Application Changes Understanding the New QHP Certification Process Big changes are just around the corner! Network adequacy requirements for Qualified Health Plan (QHP)...
QHP Certification and Network Adequacy Review Timeline
Who doesn’t love a good calendar? We know we do. Whether you’re deep into network adequacy updates or juggling deadlines left and right, we’ve got your back. Our handy calendar...
What You Need to Know About QHP Certification
Staying on top of all the latest updates in the industry can be a real challenge. That’s why we’re here to break down everything you need to know about the...
Tips for QHP Issuers: Completing the Network Adequacy Template
Successfully Submit Your Network Adequacy Data Get ahead in your QHP certification by providing the correct information. Take advantage of these six tips to successfully submit your data using the...
Health Policy News Discover the latest federal and state network adequacy and provider directory accuracy policy developments. Read the blog now!

Network Adequacy and Provider Directory Accuracy Policy Updates

Just in: Network adequacy and provider directory policy updates! Stay in the know with our comprehensive update on the changes that emerged between December ’23 and February ’24. Don’t let these updates catch you off guard – read the article now.

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