Quest Analytics Suite

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This is it. The tool that over 425 health, dental, vision and ancillary plans, brokers, and benefits consultants have trusted for 30 years to measure and report network accessibility and disruption to create winning responses to commercial RFPs.

Building on our legacy network analytics software, formerly known as GeoAccess, today’s Quest Analytics Suite (QAS) combines a range of essential tools into one integrated desktop solution. Utilize built-in templates for AON Hewitt and Willis Towers Watson to ease the submission process. Make your networks stand out with customized charts, maps and statistics to further illustrate the strength of your provider networks.

Custom Access Analysis


The Access Analysis component of the Quest Analytics Suite Desktop Edition allows you to accurately communicate how accessible a network is to a group of members. The Quest Analytics Access Module enables you to deliver

  • Standardized Analysis (Time and Distance calculations ran together)
  • Dynamic Analysis (Urban, Suburban and Rural)
  • Compound Analysis (“and” “or”)
  • Network Comparisons (“What if” Scenarios)
  • Presentation-ready reporting

Exclusive Access Comparison report pages enabling multiple specialty and network comparisons, and With/Without Access on a single page. Benchmark provider counts broken down by specialty are standard and can be used for comparing network provider counts to the total market availability.

Additional reports like Provider and Employee Listings can be leveraged to show closest providers to an employee.


Automate your standard access reports and empower your Sales Teams with Quest Enterprise Services (QES) Access Reporting. Our latest compliment to the QAS, allows your Sales Team to create access reports in a self-service environment, making it easier for them to respond faster to Employer Group RFPs.



Compare and contrast multiple provider networks to understand the impact of disruption based on both member’s and provider’s implication as well as claims utilization. We do all the heavy lifting, so you can easily showcase your network compared to a competitor.


Assign latitude and longitude coordinates to your provider or member data to effectively measure access to care. Precision is the key, and we’ve been fine-tuning for 30 years.

Intelligent GeoCoding
Powerful Mapping


Produce access maps with your providers, facilities, members, or all three. Go above and beyond with our heat-centric mapping. You control the layers and presentation preferences giving you the flexibility you need to customize them your way.

Unlimited Support

Leverage having unlimited access to our unparalleled Support Team for best practices, project assistance, tips on functionality and shortcuts with the Quest Analytics Suite (QAS) software and much more.


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We partner with 95% of America’s health plans and have experienced the challenges of provider network design, optimization and management. We’ve built our platform by working side-by-side with you and working closely with The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Centers (CMS) and more than 30 state regulatory agencies, independent review organizations and benefit brokers. We know what the regulators are looking for and what tools your organization needs to build differentiated and excellent provider networks and member experiences.

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