A Message from Quest Analytics’ New CEO Steve Levin to Our Clients and Partners

I am honored to send this note to you as the Chief Executive of Quest Analytics, joining an incredible company at a truly incredible time.

Throughout my career, I’ve helped navigate many healthcare companies during unusual times — from the financial crisis in ’08–’09 to the landmark adoption of the Accountable Care Act. Today is yet another one of those moments. Pushing through COVID-19 is challenging healthcare, our communities and lifestyles in fundamental and previously unimagined ways. The recent societal issues grounded in racism are helping us think about how we can join together to listen and learn. In the midst of all of this, I am honored and excited to join you, our clients and partners, and the Quest Analytics family as we work together to overcome obstacles and find the opportunity in change.

As a company, Quest Analytics holds an enviable position as the market leader, working with virtually every major player in the space. We help to ensure that Americans have access to an adequate provider network — with sufficient capacity — so that health plans can meet the needs of their members. We use data and insights to maintain these networks and provider directories to ensure that healthcare is accessible. Quest Analytics is a company that has been defined by integrity, innovation and extraordinary customer service — and by intellectual leadership that has helped address some of the most complex issues facing our healthcare system today.

As COVID-19 forces a granular restructuring and rethinking of how payers and providers interact, I’m motivated to leverage my experience using data and advanced analytics to lead Quest Analytics to a new chapter in helping you improve the health of America. It’s an unprecedented time that will enable us to unleash innovation and quickly test new models while the country emerges from this crisis. With Quest Analytics and your help, I believe we have the opportunity to balance the cost and efficacy of care, while at the same time empowering consumers, so there’s long-term accountability, to create an entirely new paradigm.

The stakes have never been higher. Together, we are ready to tackle the challenges of this ever-changing industry.

Thank you for your partnership, and I look forward to meeting you and learning more about how we can help you do more.