BetterDoctor 2017 Highlights and Progress Toward More Accurate Provider Data

In 2017, BetterDoctor made great progress toward our mission of fixing the nation’s provider data. Our business grew in multiple areas. We closed $11M B-round funding and 14 new amazing people joined the BetterDoctor team. In this post, we recap some of the biggest milestones we hit as a company.

In 2017 our provider data management and attestation work expanded from the initial 2 pilot states of California and Indiana to cover all 50 states. We ingested and exported data for over 20 health plans which helped us scale and refine our processes. One of the most exciting projects we did this year was launching a brand new Washington State Health Benefit Exchange. We worked together with GetInsured and Deloitte to build a completely new way to buy health insurance plans based on a patient’s providers, hospitals and medications.

While ramping our outreach efforts to national scale, we were also able to increase provider’s attestations rates. This was done by transitioning outreach campaigns from calls and letters to email. This allowed us to scale operations and hit a quarterly attestation rate of over 50%.

Our developer community, which uses our public API, grew by 42% to nearly 3,000 developers. We now serve several public and private APIs, which get approximately 3.1 million API calls each month. The BetterDoctor developer community has created dozens of healthcare applications and provider directory solutions ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. This coming 2018, we will have exciting new announcements for our developer community. To be the first to know, sign up today for the API and test the super simple live documentation — or get in touch with us directly.

The BetterDoctor team had the pleasure to participate in nearly 100 conferences and workshops this year. We helped organize 4 healthcare hackathons (organized by ProPublicaStanford and Health 2.0) and hosted meetups, 10 provider data webinars and one annual Provider Directory & Data Summit. We even contributed to the forward thinking topics of blockchain and machine learning.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we approach the provider directory as a Data Quality Problem, listen to this podcast, in which our Head of Platform, Andrew Kobylinski is interviewed by Don Lee from #HCBiz.

In 2018, BetterDoctor’s pace will accelerate. We’d love a chance to connect with you and hear about what you’re working on and seeing in the health data space. BetterDoctor events, meetups and flagship Provider Data summit in September will allow you to sync up with other healthcare data leaders. We look forward seeing you at our upcoming events.

Happy Holidays, see you in 2018!

Ari Tulla
CEO & Co-Founder, BetterDoctor