If You’re Going to Change the Game, You Should Celebrate It

Quest Analytics team celebrating the launch of the evolved Quest Enterprise Services solution

And celebrate it we did.

On June 16, we launched the evolution of Quest Enterprise Services, the first platform that enables health plans to simultaneously measure, manage and monitor network adequacy AND directory accuracy.  Because this offering changes the game for network management, internally, we refer to this as our Game Changer Launch.  The features, products and platform components make this new solution the best in the field for provider network management.  Our solutions don’t happen by accident, they are the result of hundreds of Quester’s working together with dedication and a passion for improving healthcare for all.

This week, as a culmination of this long journey that started from the vision of our co-founders John Weis, President, and David Hill, Chief Technology Officer, we marked this momentous accomplishment.

We Zoomed.

We laughed.

We virtually high-fived.

We celebrated our commitment to our clients.

AND, we shared in the pride of making a difference.

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