Introducing Our New Brand

Better Data.
Better Networks.
Better Experience.

In 2019, Quest Analytics is bringing to the market a new approach to building better member experiences through better networks and better data. Our new approach is a culmination of a 30-year journey, including the combining of three companies, with a singular focus – improving access to care through healthcare network management. We wanted to mark this occasion by unifying under a new brand.

The past year has brought tremendous growth; Quest Analytics now spans across the country with offices in four locations. We’ve welcomed 60-plus new team members and grown to support more than 400 health plans and health organizations, as well as over 500,000 providers. 


The new unified brand is a nod to our past while symbolizing our evolution as a company. We are the first to offer an integrated network management system that recognizes the intrinsic link between network adequacy and provider accuracy. We are helping our partners improve their member experience by incorporating accurate data into their workflow across all business lines – it’s not a one-time action but a continuous cycle. 


Our new logo represents the deep partnership we have with our clients to continuously improve. Our clients have access to better provider data, and they can build better, more efficient provider networks that provide a constantly improving member experience. And like our logo, the industry is always in motion. Regulations are evolving, and so are consumer habits. We are here to help our clients to refresh, renew and reinvent.

“Our concept was around data being refreshed and updated. We came up with a simple Q symbol that forms an arrow that’s going round and round and never stops.”

Gernot Preslmayer
Founding Partner & Creative Director 

With the new logo, we are modernizing the whole brand. We strive for a consistent look and feel across all touch-points. Everything Quest should feel refined, clear and approachable.

The new brand identity is just the beginning of new, exciting things we’ll be launching this year. We hope you are as excited as we are to join us on this journey.

Quest Analytics’ new look was designed together with proxy.vc and Hyperbolous.

proxy.vc is a design studio/venture capital firm situated in London. They work as a strategic partner for many high-growth companies, and their work is seen around the world. Some of their notable clients include the makers of Clash of Clans, Supercell and one of the world’s leading media and marketing consultancies, Ebiquity.

Hyperbolous is a small marketing and advertising agency based in New York City. They are a strategically focused firm that specializes in high-level marketing communications covering everything from traditional advertising (TV, radio, print) to branding and positioning to digital messaging and website development. Some of their high-profile clients include The Sleep Number Bed company (for which they created the brand), WebMD, the health information website and Orvis outdoor outfitters.