QHP Certification and New Network Adequacy Review Timeline

Updated Calendar for PY 2023 QHP Data Submission and Certification

This calendar has been updated to reflect the new dates listed in the March Bulletin1

Love a good timeline? We do too! Whether you’ve been following the latest news about the new network adequacy requirements or you’re a busy professional who doesn’t want to miss a deadline, we’ve got you covered. Our snazzy timeline highlights the major milestones for issuers offering a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) in a Federal Exchange state. Best yet, we’ll keep it updated as time goes on so you can stay on top of your game. Go ahead and download it, save it as your background, print it – or share it with a colleague.

Key Dates for QHP Applications 

May 18, 2022
PY 2023 QHP Early Bird Application Deadline

June 15, 2022
PY 2023 QHP Initial Application Deadline

July 20, 2022
PY 2023 QHP Secondary Application Deadline

August 17, 2022
PY 2023 QHP Final Application Deadline

Please Note:
These dates are subject to change and we will update the timeline as events warrant. 

To maximize your chances of success, you’ll want to make sure your team and all stakeholders are aware of key dates throughout this year.

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