How to Comply with the Provider Directory Verification Requirements

No Surprises Act Requirements

The No Surprises Act has brought a new level of scrutiny to health plans. Now, it’s not enough to just say you have a process that ensures your provider directories are up-to-date and accurate—you have to be able to prove it.

And what’s more, the regulators haven’t yet finished defining what that means in the regulations—but you can bet your bottom dollar they’ll be looking for documentation that shows you’re doing everything you can to comply. That’s where Quest Analytics comes in. We’ve got the tools to help you document your process so that when the regulators come knocking, you’ve got the answers they’re looking for.

To make sure you’re on the right path, we’ve put together an infographic that provides clear guidance for creating a provider data management workflow that works for your organization. Download your copy today!

How to Prove Compliance with Provider Directory Verification Rules

We have the inside scoop on how you, as a health plan, can be in compliance with the No Surprises Act Provider Directory Verification requirements. Zach Snyder, VP of Government Affairs, explains the workflow you can use to meet these guidelines and demonstrate that you’re making efforts to be in compliance.

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