Aligning Network Adequacy Requirements Across Marketplaces

Key Insights: PY2025 & PY2026 QHP Certification
New QHP Network Adequacy Requirements Explained

Discover the latest Network Adequacy and Provider Directory Accuracy Requirements for QHP Certification

The rules have changed, and staying on top of the new network adequacy requirements for Qualified Health Plan (QHP) certification is essential for compliance and excellence.

Our policy brief provides everything you need to know about the updated policies that bring significant changes for State-based Exchanges and State-based Exchanges on the Federal Platform. With a focused look into the standards and requirements for the 2025 plan year and a preview of the major updates expected for 2026, you’ll be equipped with the necessary insights to navigate the evolving landscape of QHP certification with confidence.

Download the policy brief now to dive into what these changes mean for your plans, and how you can get ahead. 

Policy Brief on PY2025 QHP Certification Marketplace Network Adequacy Rules. Download now.

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