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Episode: The Role of Health Networks in Shaping Healthcare

Date: April 3, 2024


Steve Levin, CEO, Quest Analytics | Connect on LinkedIn

Subhash Seelam, SVP, Applied Network Analytics, Quest Analytics | Connect on LinkedIn

Host: April Beane, VP of Marketing, Quest Analytics | Connect on LinkedIn 

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About this Episode

The national talk track in healthcare tends to focus on cost, utilization management, serving underserved and high-cost populations, benefit design, and consumer engagement. Underappreciated, or even ignored, is the underlying platform on which everything rides: the health network. In this episode, two Healthcare IT executives who have spent decades in healthcare around financial management, cost analytics, and provider performance share their takeaways on understanding provider network management since joining Quest Analytics®. Both have been astounded by the sophistication of network development and the opportunities to bring the network into the current national debate. Join us for a fireside chat between these experts as they reflect on their past knowledge and explore the future of provider network management.

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