Vice President of Regional Payers


I’m here to help you gain a comprehensive view of your provider data, enabling you to make strategic decisions about your network and achieve the best possible care for your members.


Eliza is a dedicated professional at the forefront of addressing the challenges posed by rising healthcare costs and evolving consumer demands. As an expert in the field, she collaborates with healthcare business leaders, offering purposefully built solutions aimed at enhancing provider network design, optimization, and management. Eliza’s passion lies in educating these leaders on standard operating procedures (SOP) and best practices, empowering them to create improved consumer experiences for their customers. Simultaneously, she guides them in transforming internal processes, driving efficiencies, and fostering profitability. With a commitment to driving positive change in the healthcare industry, Eliza and her team continuously strive to make a meaningful impact on healthcare organizations and their clientele.

Talking Access to Care Past, Present, and Future

What a difference 10 years makes! In this episode, Kate Deiters talks with Eliza Hoffman, VP of Regional Payers at Quest Analytics, about the last decade in healthcare provider network management. From what’s changed to ‘aha’ moments to the current hot topics, Eliza shares her perspective on the evolution of provider network management and what she’s most excited about for the future.

Dental and Vision Networks: Shifting the Focus to Provider Directory Accuracy

Dive into the exciting world of Dental and Vision provider network management. Eliza Hoffman, Vice President of the Regional Payer Segment at Quest Analytics, is back to share some hot market insights with you.

Three Best Practices: Provider Outreach Methods

Practitioner attestation—what’s the best approach? Eliza Hoffman, Vice President of the Regional Payer Segment at Quest Analytics, is back to share three best practices to improve your attestation response rates.

Discover Your Opportunity, Network Build and ROI

When you’re preparing to expand your Medicare Advantage Provider Network footprint, it’s important to understand the costs and potential ROI of adding new counties. In this video, Eliza Hoffman, VP of Regional Payers, shares how she and her team can help you understand the network build effort to expand into each desired county, the potential ROI upon achieving average enrollment, and which providers to contract with to quickly and efficiently fill specialty gaps. Schedule your Complimentary Opportunity Analysis today!

What To Do When Your Medicare Advantage Contract Is In Jeopardy

Discovering network deficiencies after submitting your HSD table to CMS can be stressful. Where should you start if you want to quickly add providers to the network? Eliza Hoffman, our VP of Regional Payers Segment, shares the answer.

How Provider Network Management Teams Position Themselves for Success

As health plans evolve to keep pace with today’s ever-changing requirements, Provider Network Management teams must adapt their data management strategies to support provider data accuracy, transparency, and automation. Eliza Hoffman, VP of Regional Payers, shares our top strategies for maintaining a thriving – and compliant provider network.



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