Senior Account Executive

HI, I’M Robert

I’m here to help you gain a comprehensive view of your provider data, enabling you to make strategic decisions about your network and achieve the best possible care for your members.


Robert is a seasoned sales executive with over 13 years of experience as the Western US Sales Director at Quest Analytics, a leading software company in the healthcare industry. He specializes in providing software solutions to Health, Dental, Vision, and Medicare Advantage companies, with a focus on measuring the strength of provider networks through various reports. Robert’s expertise lies in Medicare Advantage Provider Network Adequacy, where Quest Analytics is the industry standard. Throughout his career, he has showcased exceptional sales management skills, having previously served as a Sales Manager at a top 10 health plan.

Case Studies

More Than Meets the ROI
A costly CMS penalty proved they couldn’t keep managing their provider networks the same old way. For a New York health plan, smarter provider network management was a better investment...
Uniting an Enterprise
Struggling to meet the diverse adequacy requirements of CMS and states, the plan needed a smarter way to work.
Working Smarter, Not Harder
The Sales team at a Top 10 National Payer needed to stand out from their competitors when responding to Employer Group Benefits RFPs. To do so, quickly generating network access...
The Best Offense Wins
Their team was looking for automated and integrated tools and insights that would allow them to better communicate the value of their Integrated Delivery Network, by specialty, with an end...
Growing Nowhere Fast
To quickly expand multiple lines of business into new counties and states, the health plan needed a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to build adequate networks.
Too Bad to Ignore, Too Big to Fix
Provider data accuracy issues could have jeopardized their partner relationships — but they didn’t have an effective way to address them.



Our team is ready to help you address the challenges provider data presents. We want to help you take your member experiences to the next level and avoid regulatory risks, like audits, and meet the mandates around surprise billing.

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