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HI, I’M Rose-Ann

I’m here to help you gain a comprehensive view of your provider data, enabling you to make strategic decisions about your network and achieve the best possible care for your members.


Rose-Ann is an accomplished professional in healthcare business development, boasting extensive experience that spans nearly two decades. At present, she holds the position of Sr. Director of Business Development – Regional Payers at Quest Analytics, where she leads strategic efforts in delivering innovative software solutions to healthcare organizations. Throughout her career, Rose-Ann has demonstrated a strong track record of success, making significant contributions to optimizing provider network design and elevating the overall member experience. With a passion for excellence and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Rose-Ann is committed to driving positive change and delivering exceptional results in the field.

Case Studies

A Tale of Two Networks
Having struggled to build a Medicaid network, they now faced the more complex requirements of Medicare — with only one shot to get it right.
The Best Offense Wins
Their team was looking for automated and integrated tools and insights that would allow them to better communicate the value of their Integrated Delivery Network, by specialty, with an end...
More Than Meets the ROI
A costly CMS penalty proved they couldn’t keep managing their provider networks the same old way. For a New York health plan, smarter provider network management was a better investment...
Outgrown Homegrown System
This MCO faced unique challenges in efficiently assessing and ensuring network adequacy and provider data accuracy for its Medicaid program.
Oversight, Meet Insight
They had manual oversight of provider network adequacy—but zero insight into provider availability, provider data accuracy or performance across health plans.
Uniting an Enterprise
Struggling to meet the diverse adequacy requirements of CMS and states, the plan needed a smarter way to work.



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