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The Road to Telemedicine: Are We There Yet?

Where do we really stand on the road to universally available and effective telemedicine? And what impact will it have on a health plan’s mission to deliver access to care?

This four-part series examines the state of telemedicine in America, the journey that brought us here, and the road that lies ahead. Over the course of this series, we will examine the following:

  1. Before there was COVID, there was Telemedicine
  2. The COVID Effect: Will It Last?
  3. Telemedicine Today: What’s Happening?
  4. Telemedicine Tomorrow: What’s Coming?

Ultimately, we seek to answer the question, are we there yet—and if not, when?

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The Road to Telemedicine
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Providers Were Resistant To Adoption

The vast majority of doctors had no desire to practice telemedicine—and for a good reason: All their training is based on providing a hands-on exam to establish a diagnosis. Get three ways to help this problem.

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From Science Fiction To Functional Reality

COVID-19 has demanded unprecedented levels of care and social distancing, a healthcare system stretched to the breaking point and near-universal adoption of remote working methods and technologies. Read about it’s effects and where we are headed.

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Patients Don’t Want It—Or Don’t Know It

Prior to the pandemic, most studies showed that the public still had little awareness of telemedicine and even lower utilization. See what a surge in usage means to your plan.