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Provider Data Accuracy

The Essential Planner

Knowledge is power. Using this assessment you and your team can prepare for the Provider Directory Verification mandate by gaining a deeper understanding of your current provider data accuracy processes. By identifying key answers and targets, we can ensure that our provider directories stay accurate and compliant. Don’t wait, check out our Essential Planner today!

Data Management Tips

How to Comply with the provider directory Requirements

Discover how to design a repeatable, defendable and compliance-driven provider data management process that meets the requirements of the No Surprises Act.

All Things No Surprises Act

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Provider Data Management Tips to Successfully Meet the No Surprises Act
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The Secret to Provider Data Management Success: Daily Tracking and Measuring
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Creating an Effective Provider Data Management Strategy
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How Dynamic Provider Network Reports and Analytics Deliver Insights Straight to the Top
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Enhancing Provider Data Accuracy: Overcoming Organizational Barriers
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Provider Data Accuracy Oversight Increasing Across All Healthcare Markets
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Top 5 Reasons Why Provider Directories are Often Inaccurate
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Examining the Effects of Unverified Provider Data
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Solving Provider Suppression for Health Plan Success
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New Video

How to Show Compliance with the No Surprises Act

We have the inside scoop on how you, as a health plan, can be in compliance with the No Surprises Act Provider Directory Verification requirements. Zach Snyder, VP of Government Affairs, Quest Analytics, explains the workflow you can use to meet these guidelines and demonstrate that you’re making efforts to be in compliance.


The Guide for Accurate Provider Directories

There’s a new era for provider directories and we’re here to help you navigate it. From roles & responsibilities to proven strategies to ProTips, we’re covering everything Payers need to know. Download your copy now to stay ahead of the game.

Provider Data Management Tips to Successfully Meet the No Surprises Act

Health plans must have a documented, defendable process in place to show the effort they’re making to comply with the provider directory verification requirements. What should this process look like? We have the answer! 

FAQs and Provider Directory Requirements: Key Tips and Targets

We answer the most frequently asked question that health plans are asking us regarding the CAA Provider Directory Requirements. We also share tips and targets to help you get ahead in the coming months.

The Hottest Trends across health insurance markets

The data is in—and it’s clear: provider network oversight, provider data accuracy and provider data transparency are the hot trends across all health insurance markets. Find out what this means for you.

On-Demand Webinar: AHIP & Quest Analytics Present


Quest Analytics partnered with AHIP to continue the conversation about the new Provider Directory Verification requirements listed in the No Surprises Act. Watch now and learn about:

  • The new provider directory accuracy requirements for health plans and providers
  • The impact the requirements have on your business
  • Which strategies to implement now

Access On-Demand Webinar

On-Demand Webinar

No Surprises Act: What You Need to Know and Why

The No Surprises Act includes regulations that will affect most of our health plan clients. As many are just learning about the new provider data requirements, we want to share the cliff notes and answer the most common questions. Watch the on-demand webinar to learn best practices, strategies, and actionable steps you can take today to align with the new federal requirements.

The New Provider Directory Accuracy Mandate

Under the No Surprises Act, commercial, qualified health plans (QHPs), and employer-based health plans are required to maintain accurate provider directories. Read our legislative brief to learn about the new requirements that health plans and providers need to meet.

White Paper

Surprises in the No Surprises Act for Health Plans and Providers

The new provider directory verification requirements continue to surprise most health plans and providers. Discover what each party needs to do to update the provider directory, and how to design your process to comply with the accuracy requirements.

Best Practices

Implementation In Four Phases

There is a lot to consider and accomplish as you prepare for the mandate. Where do you begin? What happens next? What is a realistic timeline? We’ve mapped out the process for you. Download the Four Phases of Implementing a Provider Data Verification process.

Best Practices

Eleven Questions to Ask Your Teams

As a best practice when preparing for the Provider Data and Directory Verification mandate, it is imperative that you understand your current process. Download the top eleven questions we recommend you ask your teams

Best Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Section 116: Protecting Patients and Improving the Accuracy of the Provider Directory Information, requires health plans and providers to work together to maintain up-to-date provider directories. Discover the answers to the top questions about the new requirements.


Insights Article


Insights Article



Our main priority is assisting you with your day-to-day roles and responsibilities of ensuring accurate provider directories and adequate health networks, in turn, maintaining appropriate access to care for your members. We encourage you to lean on us as much as you need. Each of us at Quest Analytics has the tools and technology to help you and your team meet the needs and goals you have for your Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Commercial lines of business.

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