Be prepared, not surprised because nobody likes surprises – especially your members.

Being prepared means understanding the No Surprises Act provider data and directory verification requirements, what they mean to you and how you can develop a strategic plan to meet the deadlines. We’re here to help.

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No Surprises Act: What you need to know and why

We’ve heard from most of our plan partners that they either have not heard of the No Surprises Act or are just beginning to digest its implications for their networks. We get it, and that’s why we are giving you the cliff notes.

We’ve been innovating solutions to help you stay ahead and think beyond the regulations. And the No Surprises Act is no exception.

Join us as we dive into the provider data verification details, breakdown the timelines and walk you through the actions you need to be doing right now.

Surprise Billing Legislative Brief

What Does the No Surprises Act Mean for You?

We did the work, so you don’t have to. In the depths of the 5,000+ word Omnibus bill was the No Surprises Act. The Act eliminates surprise medical billing and also requires accuracy of provider directories for commercial, qualified health plans (QHP), and employer-based plans. Read our legislative brief to learn about the key changes affecting health plans.

Surprise Billing one Sheet

Adding Value – Reducing Risk – Meeting Compliance

Quest Enterprise Services (QES) Adequacy and Accuracy solutions can help you meet the requirements of the No Surprises Actincluding establishing and automating a data verification process. We have the only provider network management solution that can link your provider data accuracy and your network adequacy in one platform. Learn how we can help.

Surprise Billing Resource Center

Surprise Billing Infographic

A Four Phase Implementation Process

How do you prepare for the federal mandate? What does an implementation timeline look like? We’ve mapped out the process for you. Download the Four Phases of Implementing a Provider Data Verification process.

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Eleven Questions to Ask Your Teams

As a best practice when preparing for the Provider Data and Directory Verification mandate, it is imperative that you understand your current process. Download the top eleven questions we recommend you ask your teams

What plans must do – your implementation strategy guide

James Lamb, VP of National Payers Segment, coaches you through the four phases of implementing a Provider Data and Directory Verification process.

Understand the Provider Directory Verification requirement

The No Surprises Act is a curveball for many health plans. Don’t worry, we have you covered! Eliza Hoffman, our VP of Business Development, shares what health plan Network Management teams can do to establish new processes for ensuring provider data and directory accuracy.

Top 3 Things the “No Surprises Act” Means for Health Plans

It’s staggering to think that, according to researchers, one in five emergency room visits results in an individual receiving a bill for treatment or services they expected to be covered by their health plan but weren’t. These unexpected, costly, and often frustrating charges are aptly called Surprise Medical Bills…

No Surprises Act Three Things Health Plans Need to Know

Deliver on tomorrow’s goals by planning today

Our main priority is assisting you with your day-to-day roles and responsibilities of ensuring accurate provider directories and adequate health networks, in turn, maintaining appropriate access to care for your members. We encourage you to lean on us as much as you need. Each of us at Quest Analytics has the tools and technology to help you and your team meet the needs and goals you have for your Medicare Advantage, Medicaid and Commercial lines of business.

Schedule a consultative session with one of our network management experts to discuss and determine your strategy.

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