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Evolving Your Employer Group Benefits RFP Reporting

QES Access Reporting: Faster Reports and Beyond for Network Managers

Benefits of QES Access Reporting

  • Automate Network Access Report Processes
  • Reduce Report Generation and RFP Response Times
  • Self-Service Standard RFP Report Generation
  • Increase Report Volume
  • Improve Team Collaboration
  • Strategic Insights and Analytics


Your job is a balancing act requiring you to prioritize time and resources between multiple internal and external demands. Determining how much time or how many analysts to allocate to running standard Network Access Reports versus more strategic business efforts is a constant challenge. Not to mention, you are working with tight SLAs, and dealing with network report re-runs all while helping Sales and Proposal teams find the best product fit for the potential customer. As a result, you’ve probably tried:

  • Increasing staff
  • Upgrading hardware
  • Reworking your network access report generation processes

All to maximize efficiency, automate your network reporting and improve your win rates.

Introducing QES Access Reporting

After talking with Provider Network Managers from many of our more than 400 clients, we developed QES Access Reporting with you in mind. Reducing the time to generate Network Access Reports while increasing network report volume with no change in analyst staffing would be great, right? They all thought so.

Explore How Other Professionals Use QES Access Reporting

Learn how a Network Manager at a Top 10 National Payer optimized the process of generating network access reports to respond to Employer Group Benefits RFPs with unprecedented speed and efficiency, thanks to the cutting-edge capabilities of QES Access Reporting.

Maximize Results, Achieve More 

QES Access Reporting revolutionizes the generation of standard network access reports, empowering your analyst teams to focus on strategic initiatives. But our solution goes beyond automation. It enables your Sales and Proposal Teams to effortlessly create network reports in a user-friendly environment, swiftly responding to Employer Group Benefits RFPs and identifying the optimal product fit for your potential customer. In essence, QES Access Reporting represents a fresh approach to achieving your strategic objectives by:

  • Automating the generation of standard network access reports, while you have complete control over design and templates.
  • Accelerating the flow of information to decision-makers.
  • Allowing Sales and Proposal Teams to quickly have visibility into the analytics and generate the necessary reports.
  • Giving you more valuable time and win more business. 

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