Quest Enterprise ServicesTM (QESTM)


Evolving Your Employer Group Benefits RFP Reporting

QES Access Reporting Helps

  • Automate processes
  • Reduce time
  • Increase Volume
  • Improve Collaboration
  • Track report usage

Win More Employer Group Benefits RFPs by Working Smarter, Not Harder

Your job is a balancing act requiring you to prioritize time and resources between multiple internal and external demands. Determining how much time or how many analysts to allocate running standard network reports versus more strategic business efforts is a constant challenge. Not to mention, you are working with tight SLAs, dealing with network report re-runs all while helping Sales and Proposal teams find the best product/network fit. As a result, you’ve probably tried:

  • Increasing staff
  • Upgrading hardware
  • Reworking your network report generation processes

All to maximize efficiency, automate your network reporting and improve your win rates.


After talking with Network Managers from many of our more than 400 clients, we developed QES Access Reporting with you in mind. I mean – Reducing the time to generate network reports while dramatically increasing network report volume with no change in analyst staffing would be great, right? They all thought so.

Want Some Peer Proof?

Learn how a Network Manager at a Top 10 National Payer optimized their process  of generating network reports to respond to Employer Group Benefits RFPs faster and more efficiently using QES Access Reporting.

Here’s to helping you work smarter, not harder.

QES Access Reporting automates the running of standard network reports, freeing you to allocate more of your analyst teams’ time to strategic efforts. But we don’t just automate the network report generation process. Our solution allows your Sales and Proposal Teams to create network reports in a self-service environment, making it easier for them to respond to more Employer Group Benefits RFPs quickly and efficiently and find the best product/network fit without relying on your analyst team. In a nutshell, QES Access Reporting is a new approach to accomplishing your strategic goals by:

  • Automating standard network reports (you maintain control of and design the templates)
  • Getting information to decision makers faster
  • Allowing your Sales and Proposal Teams to run and re-run the network reports they need quickly
  • Freeing up valuable time for more strategic RFPs

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Our team is ready to help you address the challenges provider data presents. We want to help you take your member experiences to the next level and avoid regulatory risks, like audits, and meet the mandates around surprise billing.

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