Quest Analytics® Launches Provider Network Benchmarking

Quest Analytics Launches Quest Enterprise Services Network Benchmarking

Quest Analytics® to Launch Provider Network Benchmarking Solution at AHIP 2024
Additionally, CEO Steve Levin will lead a session that explores the hidden costs and implications of network decisions.

Las Vegas, NV (June 11, 2024) Quest Analytics, LLC, the leader in provider network management solutions and services, will attend AHIP 2024 this week and introduce its provider Network Benchmarking solution as part of their suite of Network Performance analytics tools integrated into their Quest Enterprise ServicesTM (QESTM) platform. This new product allows health plans to compare their network to the competition to identify areas of strength and opportunity. In an increasingly competitive market, comparative network insights are critical for entering markets quickly and profitably. Equally, these insights are instrumental in refining existing networks to achieve revenue or margin targets.

Traditionally, network benchmarking has been tedious, often reliant on non-comprehensive traditional data sources like screen scrapes, internet searches, and third-party aggregated data. These approaches are slow, inefficient, and prone to providing outdated and inaccurate information. The provider Network Benchmarking solutions from Quest Analytics leverage proprietary, direct-from-the-source data, that is submitted to, and validated by, regulators, representing a true reflection of the network. This data, combined with provider claims and publicly available data, delivers powerful insights, enabling plans to quickly and efficiently understand how they stack up in the market.

Steve Levin, CEO of Quest Analytics, emphasizes the evolving necessity of having a network that not only meets the basic requirements but also stands apart in the market. “Our Network Benchmarking solutions are crucial for creating compelling networks that are not only compliant but also differentiated. These insights are the cornerstone of strategic decision-making, enabling our clients to design networks that resonate with their market and members, thereby establishing new standards in healthcare.”

Expanding Capabilities with QES Network Benchmarking

With the QES Network Benchmarking solution, clients can now:

BUILD DIFFERENTIATED NETWORKS: Understand markets before entering and craft high-quality, cost-effective networks tailored to member needs, distinguishing offerings in the market.

REFINE NETWORKS WITH COMPETITIVE INSIGHTS: Enhance existing networks by benchmarking against competitors and identifying key areas for improvement.

ALIGN NETWORK DESIGN WITH MARKET DYNAMICS: Align product strategy with network design to navigate market competition effectively and help ensure cost-efficient care.

UNDERSTAND PROVIDER GAP LANDSCAPE: Identify areas where competitor networks meet or lack provider network adequacy. Strategically enhance network capabilities to improve member access.

ENHANCE SALES & MARKETING STRATEGIES: Utilize actionable data and insights to understand the uniqueness of a market position and leverage it to communicate effectively.

Outpace with Insight

See how your network measures against competitors and gain actionable insights to get ahead. With Quest Analytics, you transition from participation to leadership.
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Connect with Quest Analytics at AHIP 2024

Join our session led by Steve Levin, CEO of Quest Analytics, and Subhash Seelam, SVP of Applied Network Analytics. 

We invite you to an enlightening session that promises to reshape how you view your provider networks. Led by Steve Levin, CEO, and Subhash Seelam, SVP of Applied Network Analytics, this session is designed for healthcare professionals interested in exploring the business implications of broad and narrow networks and the benchmarking insights that can connect networks with business goals.

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  • Meet Us at Booth: #1507
  • Explore: How our Provider Network Benchmarking, Provider Network Management, and Provider Network Performance Services & Solutions empower your organization with a competitive advantage.

Additional Information: For more insights and updates about our participation at AHIP 2024, we invite you to visit our AHIP Event Page.

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