QES Access Reporting for RFPs: Less Work, More Wins

For all the gains health plans have made in efficiency in recent years, there is one area where middling performance is largely assumed to be inevitable: the lengthy process to fulfill an Employer Group Benefits Response for Proposal (RFP).

The problem, of course, is that at the heart of the RFP process is an operational bottleneck that seems unavoidable. Even for a standard RFP, with no custom requirements, busy sales teams must request several rounds of access reports from busy network analysts to find the right product.

This back-and-forth not only adds weeks to the time it takes the team to respond to the RFP, but it also hinders the ability for both teams to complete other priorities. The current manual process keeps sales teams from pursuing additional opportunities. While analysts are delayed from working on complex analyses and other areas that require their time. As you can imagine, all of this puts a health plan’s chances of being successful at risk.

It’s a lengthy process we knew we’d never fix. So, we figured, why not get rid of it? 


You may already know Quest Enterprise Services—QES—our next-generation provider network management platform. It’s a powerful cloud-based solution that automates provider network management, streamlines workflows and dramatically improves an organization’s ability to measure and monitor network adequacy and accuracy.

We’ve now brought that same level of automation and power to the RFP reporting process with our solution, QES Access Reporting, formerly Geo Access Reporting.



QES Access Reporting is a standalone cloud solution that complements our desktop Quest Analytics Suite. It’s built to do just one thing: allow sales teams to generate their own standard access reports.



Setup is straightforward: We help you create the initial access analyses in QES Access Reporting. You then hand it over to the sales team for them to work their magic.

The QES Access Reporting solution walks them through the process to create and instantly print standardized, analyst-approved reports. The process is not only quick but also convenient. QES Access Reporting’s cloud-based nature allows your Sales Team to log in and generate reports from anywhere – which has proven to be essential in a remote environment. Suddenly, the team is able to accomplish in minutes what usually takes them days or weeks.


Eliminating the workflow bottleneck brings organizational benefits far beyond faster response times.


More Empowered Sales Teams

Now sales teams can iterate faster, get responses out in less time, and move on to new opportunities.


More Time Back to Analysts

RFPs are critical—but there are so many other areas where network analysts need to focus their energies. Now they can.

What would you accomplish with 50% more time back in your week?


More Strategic Insights

QES Access Reporting logs every interaction helping teams remain aligned on critical items such as: how tools are being used, which products are most effective at winning new business, how many reports are being generated a week, month, and so on. The automatic insights enable you to easily understand how you are performing and how to optimize the solution for even greater efficiency.


More Employer Group Benefits RFP Wins

That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? And when you can respond to more RFPs than ever before, with the confidence that comes from greater insights and optimized reporting, you’re in a much better competitive position to win.


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