How to Increase Practitioner Response Rates for Data Accuracy

Simplifying Attestations for Busy Healthcare Providers How to Increase Healthcare Practitioner Engagement for Data Accuracy

Identifying effective strategies to engage healthcare practitioners is crucial for insurers and decision-makers. By improving response rates from practitioners, you can gather valuable insights and enhance your decision-making processes. In this blog, we will explore three proven strategies that can help you increase practitioner engagement and boost your practitioner response rates.

How to Simplify Provider Verification for Health Plans

Steve Slaton, VP of Product Management at Quest Analytics, is back with more best practices for improving provider data accuracy, provider outreach efforts, and outcomes. In this video, Steve shares expert tips to improve provider outreach and verification efforts. Discover the approach you want to incorporate to make it easier for practitioners and specialists to verify their information and incentivize provider participation.

Strategy #1: Tailor Your Engagement Efforts to Different Practice Sizes

To optimize your engagement efforts with practitioners and office managers, you want to consider the size of the practice you’re reaching out to. Each practice has different preferences, procedures, and workflows that should be factored in to enhance engagement. By being flexible with your approach, you can increase your chances of receiving a response.

We suggest categorizing your attestation efforts into two groups:

Attestation Approach #1: Solo Practitioners and Small Practices

For solo practitioners and small practices, we recommend using an online portal for attestation. In your communication, direct them to an online portal where they can easily update and verify their data in one convenient place. Just a click, verification, and they’re good to go! It’s as simple as that, making life less hectic for practitioners and office managers.

Attestation Approach #2: Large Group Practices and Health Systems

Now, let’s talk about large group practices and health systems. With multiple locations, sometimes 20, 50, or even 100, and hundreds to thousands of practitioners to update, you can’t expect them to perform all their updates in a portal. A more efficient approach is to request a roster submission.

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Strategy #2: Streamline Data Dissemination to Health Plans

Did you know most practitioners work with 15-20 health plans? Updating data for each contract separately can be overwhelming for them. To simplify this process, our recommendation is to use a method that streamlines disseminating provider data updates to health plans. With this approach, practitioners only need to update their information once, and it will be distributed to multiple health plans. By saving them from repeated actions, this streamlined approach makes their lives significantly easier. And when their lives are easier, they’re more likely to participate in your program and provide you with necessary updates. 

Tip: Discover more ways to improve your provider data accuracy strategy. Check out our article: 5 Best Practices for Improving Provider Data Accuracy, Provider Outreach, and Outcomes. 

Strategy #3: Use Multiple Communication Channels

Want to optimize your outreach efforts and maximize response rates? It’s crucial to leverage multiple communication channels avenues effectively. Our data analysis highlights that service location emails and faxes yield the highest response rates, followed by phone calls and traditional mail. While mail remains relevant, prioritizing efficient communication methods is key to eliciting better responses. By integrating these channels and understanding which methods resonate best with practitioners, you can elevate communication strategies and elevate attestation rates.

For more provider outreach and verification tips, download our infographic: 4 Ways to Improve Your Provider Outreach and Verification Efforts. 

Stay Compliant, Stay Transparent, and Keep Your Provider Data on Point

There you have it! Three proven strategies to get those all-important data updates done in a timely fashion. By offering a flexible approach, streamlining provider data updates, and using multiple communication channels, healthcare practitioners and office managers can easily verify and update information, while provider relations managers can eliminate stress and meet their deadlines.

We understand the importance of simplifying complex processes and are dedicated to providing solutions that benefit both parties. With the right tools, like Quest Enterprise ServicesTM Accuracy, you’ll be well on your way to attestation success!

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