AHIP Conference

We’re excited to be back at AHIP 2023, June 13-15, in Portland, OR!

We have some exciting new features and functionalities in Quest Enterprise ServicesTM that will help you be in compliance with new network adequacy and provider directory accuracy requirements. We’ll be sharing more details about all this at our booth —and we’d love to meet up with you there to talk more about how we can help.

There are three easy ways to connect with us throughout the event:

1. Stop by booth 1717 and say hi! We’ll be happy to introduce you to our team members and give you a demo of what’s new with Quest Enterprise Services.

2. If you’re planning on attending and want to schedule a meeting with us before it starts, use the links below to schedule a day and time to meet with one of our team members.

3. Connect with us on social media.

Cacophony or Symphony? Eliminating Bias and Noise to Improve Outcomes 

Cacophony or Symphony? Eliminating Bias and Noise to Improve Outcomes 

Date: June 14, 2023 
Time: 11 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. 
Location: B114, Level 1 

In this session, you will discover how healthcare leaders manage multiple challenges to improve access to high-quality care and lower costs. Bias and noise in decision-making can lead to unintended consequences and variation in care. By utilizing relevant case studies, you will learn how to avoid the unintended consequences of bias by leveraging data to optimize your health plan network and improve outcomes at scale. 

Roger Holstein has been a healthcare pioneer for more than 30 years, leading the digital transformation and providing transparent access to healthcare data. He’s been the Managing Director at Vestar Capital Partners since 2006, investing in healthcare information services companies like Quest AnalyticsTM, Healthgrades, and Press Ganey. Roger serves on the Board of Directors for Quest Analytics, Veritas Collaborative and Healthgrades. Previously, Roger served as CEO, President and Director of WebMD and helped establish it as the leading source of healthcare information for consumers and professionals. He was also a member of the Office of the President at Medco, where he helped create the business of prescription benefit management. 


Provider Data Accuracy 
Get industry-leading compliance capabilities that enable you to meet numerous federal and state provider data accuracy mandates, including the No Surprises Act. 

Network Adequacy
Network Adequacy compliance year-round. With QES Adequacy, you measure your network as CMS will – giving you a superior way to maintain compliance for current and future networks.

Provider Claims Insights 
Improve the performance of your provider network and streamline your operations with QES Provider Claims Insights! Gain deep data insights to  close coverage gaps faster than ever before.

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