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Specialty Care Network Management

Specialty Care Network Adequacy & Accuracy 

Are you looking to expand service lines to serve your patient populations better? Are inactive providers creating a distorted view of actual capacity or disrupting access to patient care? How quickly can you identify and recruit active providers to fill network gaps? Do you know how you perform relative to your peers? Can you determine by market supply & demand patterns when and where training or equipment is needed?

Operating with complete visibility into your provider network and having confidence in your participation, access and adequacy across all providers in all service areas is critical to answering those questions. Having the right information available is a competitive advantage, especially during contract negotiations with existing and prospective payer organizations.

Quest Enterprise Services (QES) is smarter network management across all your delivery models:
  • Acute & Post-Acute Care
  • PCP Care
  • Specialty Care
  • Ancillary Care

Take Your Competitive Advantage to the Next Level

Quest Enterprise Services (QES) is the only self-service SaaS platform that allows you to measure, manage and monitor your network performance for adequacy and accuracy in real-time, in a single solution, across your entire organization and delivery models. It’s a smart investment with a proven ROI. Through automation, performance analytics and expert consultation, especially when seeking to overcome challenges around your specialty services, you can gain:

  • Actionable insights into your network gaps and which high-performing providers are available to fill them and better meet the needs of your patients.
  • Greater advantage during expansion bids, meet regulatory requirements and meet value-based reimbursement goals.
  • Insights into claims data by procedure code and geography to perform trend and utilization analysis and better optimize your networks.
  • Improved team communication and workflows through online dashboards, allowing your team to see in real-time the status of your provider network and observe how changes to the provider mix across delivery models will affect your network.
  • Better visibility into the market supply and demand helps you determine where to put resources based on geographic demand or future specialty utilization projections.
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More than 50 of the largest health systems, large provider groups, ACOs and MCOs rely on Quest Analytics.

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We are committed to assisting you in your quest to achieve the Quadruple Aim – lowering costs and ensuring high quality of care while empowering patient and clinician experiences with actionable insights

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