Network Performance Services

Leveraging automation and expert consulting to optimize your networks

Build networks more strategically for higher market entry success with network benchmarking and provider claims activity.

Achieving Peak Performance

When building a network not only to meet regulatory compliance but also to deliver access to quality care for your members, what performance metrics are you leveraging? Ask yourself: 

  • How do we strategically decide which providers to target?  
  • How does our network compare to our peers or the market?  
  • How do we ensure the right mix of providers to meet demand?  
  • Can we identify ghost providers?
  • Are we considering Health Equity measures, telehealth credits and Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)? 
Our Network Performance Services help optimize your networks with in-depth analyses including:

It’s Time to Expand Your View 

Today it is critical to evaluate your network builds differently to strategically increase your market speed while keeping member satisfaction as your key focus. And that’s where we can help. Through our Network Performance Services, you’ll gain access to automated tools and expert consultants to help you drive network peak performance.

We help you look at your networks through a new expanded lens without which, in today’s increasingly competitive market, you could be: 
  • Diminishing your competitive advantage 
  • Increasing member abrasion
  • Inefficiently using valuable time and resources
  • Increasing your regulatory risk 

Build your networks more strategically for higher market entry success 

Building on the foundation of network adequacy

Gain a holistic view of the market and your network providers’ viability to your members, including their impact on your network adequacy – something only Quest Analytics can provide.  

Choose the information you need based on your organization’s current goals. 

Provider Claims Activity (PCA)*

Recruit viable providers confidently and in less time by viewing claims activity by volume and lines of business. 

Network Benchmarking

Compare your network against your peers in the market and understand payer network participation by major health systems.

*Requires Quest Enterprise Services 

Optimize Your Network Today

Our team is ready to help you discover how performance analytics can bring a new approach to your network builds — helping you get to market faster while improving member satisfaction.

Schedule a consultative session with one of our performance analytics experts to discuss and determine your strategy.

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