Bright Spots In Healthcare Podcast: Differentiating Your Health Plan: Reimagining Your Provider Network Strategy

The number one complaint from members centers around directory inaccuracy, highlighting a critical need for improved data integrity within provider networks. To tackle this challenge and pave the way for more adaptable, data-driven, and equitable care, health plans are reevaluating and reimagining their provider network strategies.

To stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of their members, health plans are examining and reimagining their provider strategies. By focusing on areas such as compliance, network adequacy, data integrity, and performance metrics, plans are not only redefining their own roles but also contributing to enhancing quality and affordability for their members.

Our panel of experts will share their insights and experiences.

Possible topics of discussion:

  • Compliance
  • Network adequacy
  • Data integrity
  • Performance metrics & goals
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