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Volume Reporting

Pump Up Your Network Reporting!

Achieve Speed And Efficiency Through Enhanced Reporting

Your Current Process

You spend a large amount of time manually producing provider and specialty reports on a project-by-project basis. What if you could leverage a faster and more efficient network reporting workflow?

Volume Reporting Includes:
  • Quick Network Insights into your Providers and Specialties
  • A Simple Five-Step report creation Process
  • Enhanced Actionable Insights
  • Role-Based Security

Your Improved Process

Volume Reporting eliminates the need to manually produce provider and specialty reports on a project-by-project basis. Reports can be run against multiple projects with more actionable insights than standard QES Project Reports. It’s a better way to:

Reduce your regulatory risk
Get quick insight into network deficiencies
Accelerate compliance monitoring
Gain better leverage in provider negotiations
You will save time, reduce risk and maintain a competitive advantage by improving your network reporting process.
Harness Your Reporting Power

Enhanced Actionable Insights

QES Volume Reporting includes in-depth reporting helping you collaborate with your team to determine the best strategic next steps. You can combine reports and eliminate manual research while saving your team valuable time and resources.

Report outputs include:

Specialty Summary by County

  • Passes and fails for each specialty in each county


  • Servicing Providers on a Project-by-Project basis
  • Network Contracted Providers
  • Prospect Providers (non-contracted) to help fill network gaps
  • Market Providers (non-contracted) to help fill network gaps

Role-Based Security

Volume Report Role

Designated team members can quickly generate reports across multiple projects and service areas.

  • Maintain compliance confidence by identifying gaps
  • Optimize your provider network
  • Utilize targeting scenario results in competitive analysis
  • Make more informed strategic decisions around improving access to care for your members

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We are committed to assisting our customers in their quest for accurate provider directories and adequate health networks that maintain appropriate access to care for your members.

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