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Volume Targeting

Streamline Your Targeting Analysis

Bringing Efficiency To Your Targeting Workflow

Your Current Process

You are constantly working to reduce your regulatory risk and maintain a competitive advantage. As a result, you need to understand the impact on your network when you are targeting a large group of providers or facilities. Going through the process of targeting one provider or facility at a time is challenging and inefficient. This challenge is compounded when you have multiple lines of business.

Volume Targeting Includes:
  • Simple Three-Step Process
  • What-If Simulations
  • Robust Analysis Reports
  • Role-Based Security

Your Improved Process

Wouldn’t it be great if you could speed up your targeting process while gaining a better understanding of your compliance gaps to ensure you’re targeting the right providers for the biggest gains? Quest Analytics Volume Targeting is built for the challenge – allowing you to:

Maintain compliance confidence by identifying gaps
Optimize all of your provider networks
Utilize targeting scenario results in your competitive analyses
Gain insight for provider negotiations
Perform “what-if” analyses
Volume Targeting is a great way to save time, reduce your regulatory risk and maintain a competitive advantage by automating your provider targeting process.

Your Volume Targeting Analyses Simplified

Running QES Volume Targeting is a simple three-step process

Select the Projects
Upload a list of Providers by location and specialty
Create your report

What-If Simulations

Multiple volume targeting simulations can quickly be performed to determine what will happen if a volume targeting scenario is performed against a set of providers.

The ‘what-if’ scenarios illustrate if a gap is closed when you add a list of providers with their locations and specialties to your network. Multiple volume targeting simulations can quickly be performed to determine what will happen if a large group of providers/facilities is added to a project. If a targeted provider or location is not currently part of the market or prospect provider list in a project selected, the user is notified.

Robust Analysis Reports

QES Volume Targeting includes in-depth reporting to help you collaborate with your team and determine strategic next steps. Automated reports help eliminate the need for manual research.

Report outputs include:
Provider Upload Summary

Provides details about the uploaded providers and which projects they were found or not found in for targeting

Volume Target Project Details

Shows which projects were or were not affected and counts of gaps closed due to targeting

Targeted Service Area Changed Gaps

Details of the specific specialty/county gap closures

Targeted Service Area Providers

Shows all providers that were targeted and the specialties/counties those providers are considered servicing

Targeted Service Area Specialty Summary Comparison

Provides a full specialty summary comparison between the current and targeted results

Role-Based Security

Due to the sensitive nature of targeting analysis, access security is managed by role and assigned at the user level.

  • Targeting Administrators
    Only designated administrators can perform volume targeting scenarios.

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