What Would Provider Data Management Look Like on Blockchain?

Join us to take a deep dive into blockchain on May 1-2, 2018 at Washington Plaza Hotel, Washington D.C.

Our CTO Tapio Tolvanen is going to speak at Healthcare on the Blockchain conference, in Washington D.C. next week.

The panel discussion, entitled “Managing Data on the Blockchain for Cost-Savings and Error Reduction“, will be held on May 2 at 10.45 am.

The conference will cover topics relating to scalability, interoperability, performance, and security. Our panel will explore ways in which particular use cases in healthcare could be implemented on blockchain and how it can solve the future needs ahead due to the consumerization of healthcare.

We look forward to discussing how to innovate the technological capabilities in the industry in order to save costs, reduce errors, and also provide a better patient experience. The healthcare industry is ripe for innovation, so solutions to solve issues in interoperability, security and more are ahead.

For more information about how blockchain works, visit our previous blockchain post.


We look forward to seeing you at the panel!


Tapio Tolvanen, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, BetterDoctor

Michael B. Marchant, HIE and Integration Manager, UC Davis Health

Srini Attili, Principal, Life Sciences and Healthcare, Deloitte