ZDoggMD in the House for Vision Quest 2020

We are excited to announce ZDoggMD is bringing his guitar, his comedy and his passion for transforming healthcare to Vision Quest 2020.

ZDoggMD joins our ever-growing roster of industry thought leaders on the agenda, including Mike Walsh, CEO of Tomorrow and Roger Holstein, Chairman of Quest Analytics.

Our two-day event provides partnering organizations the unique opportunity to break down silos and bring together everyone responsible for provider network management – across all departments and business lines. The sessions encourage teams to explore enterprise-wide solutions and best practices for managing, measuring and monitoring their network adequacy and provider directory accuracy.

Attendees also have the opportunity to engage in discussions with industry leaders and peers through a variety of formats, including panels, keynotes, roundtables, experiential learning and more.

Join us at Vision Quest 2020

When: October 22-23
Where: Anywhere with an Internet connection
Register today: visionquest.questanalytics.com

About ZDoggMD

Zubin Damania, M.D., is an internist and founder of Turntable Health, an innovative healthcare clinic that was part of an ambitious urban revitalization movement in Las Vegas spearheaded by Zappos.com CEO Tony Hsieh. During his decade-long career as a hospitalist at Stanford, Dr. Damania began a shadow career under the pseudonym ZDoggMD, performing stand-up comedy and creating parody videos for medical audiences worldwide. Dr. Damania examines how we can all work to build Health 3.0, an ideal model of care where technology and evidence-based medicine seamlessly support healthcare teams in achieving the outcomes that actually matter to our patients, while improving the wellbeing of the caregivers themselves.

Find out more on the Vision Quest 2020 website.