Quest Analytics Suite

GeoAccess, evolved.

The First Name in RFP Response

This is it, the tool health plans, brokers and benefit consultants have trusted for 30 years to analyze and report healthcare access and create winning responses to commercial RFPs.

Building on our legacy GeoAccess application, today’s Quest Analytics Suite combines a range of essential tools into one single, integrated desktop solution.

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Custom Access Analysis

Analyze the accessibility of your provider network with customized charts, maps and statistics. Utilize member and network data, apply time and distance standards and then compile the data in our intuitive interface.

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Disruption Analysis

Easily measure, analyze and manage the impact on any membership or population when switching from their current carrier to a newly proposed health plan. Customize your analysis by matching your fields to your strategic areas of focus.

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GeoAccess Reporting

Develop RFP-winning reports in up to 35 different formats with our suite of GeoAccess Reports. Easily provide reporting on accessibility and adequacy, or disruptions in your network.

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Intelligent GeoCoding

Pre-code or run analyses and reports using source data that does not contain latitude and longitude coordinates. Our software will generate the coordinates in the background as we process your data.

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Powerful Mapping

Illustrate and display membership locations and access to providers that meet standards, and those that don’t. Highlight concentrations of providers and members to identify network adequacy and potential access problems.

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Want to learn more?

If you’d like more information about our Quest Analytics Suite — or if you think your organization might benefit from the network management capabilities of our SaaS-based Quest Enterprise Services platform — please contact us to discuss your needs.