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Developing Health Policy Frameworks for Telehealth Credits and Network Adequacy Standards

Practical Approaches for Integrating Telehealth Credits into Network Adequacy Standards

Considerations for Health Policymakers and Regulators

Telehealth services have transformed healthcare delivery. In response, health plan regulators have incorporated telehealth credits into health plan network adequacy standards. While this was a positive step, using a blanket approach to applying these credits toward network adequacy standards may not be the ultimate solution.

Incorporating telehealth credits into network adequacy standards requires practical and strategic approaches that take into account the unique needs of different areas. By doing so, regulators and policymakers can enable effective healthcare provision and address the growing desire for improved healthcare accessibility.

A Blueprint for Network Adequacy Telehealth Credits

Our white paper provides insights into on how policymakers and regulators can address the challenges of incorporating telehealth credits into network adequacy standards. In this white paper, we aim to:

  • Provide a historical context for Telehealth Network Adequacy Credits
  • Outline examples of Telehealth Network Adequacy Credits

  • Provide data-informed recommendations for best practices on creating parameters for regulators and payers wanting to engage with Telehealth Network Adequacy Credits

  • Present a working analytical model that regulators can use to develop their own data-informed Telehealth Network Adequacy Credit policy

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