Quest Analytics to Showcase Provider Data Integrity Solutions at AHIP 2023

Quest Analytics Provider Data Accuracy Services: Improve Operational Efficiency, Streamline Data Review & Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Quest Analytics will attend AHIP 2023 and showcase its provider data integrity solutions. Additionally, Chairman Roger Holstein will lead a session that explores how eliminating bias and noise in healthcare can improve health and financial outcomes. 

Quest Analytics, the leader in provider network management solutions and services, will attend AHIP 2023 this week and showcase its Accuracy Services Solution, a part of Quest Enterprise ServicesTM (QESTM). Quest Analytics’ Accuracy Services is the industry’s leading solution for provider data accuracy, uniquely linking regulatory compliance with a health plan’s member experience, network integrity and network performance within a unified platform. It provides health plans with the insights and efficiencies needed to build high-performance networks.

“The integrity of a health plan’s provider network is based upon the integrity of its data,” said Steve Levin, CEO, Quest Analytics. “Our Accuracy Services solution improves a health plan’s provider data quality to improve member and provider experiences, increase operational efficiencies and ensure regulatory compliance.”

Key Benefits of QES Accuracy 

With QES Accuracy, health plans can:

Improve Operational Efficiency 

  • Reduce internal outreach costs and improve provider response rates.
  • Consolidate disparate processes for individual practitioners, small provider groups, large delegated groups, and health systems.
  • Improve claim payment accuracy and reduce recovery costs.

Streamline Provider Data Management 

  • Eliminate lengthy data backlogs and reduce manual data review costs.
  • Provide more timely updates to downstream systems by automating data ingestion through a flexible API.
  • Respond quickly and easily to audits and stakeholder questions with high transparency into data changes, sources and events.

Comply with the No Surprises Act and Other Regulatory Requirements

  • Maintain accurate, current information in provider directories with demonstrable, rolling 90-day outreach to all outreach-able providers.
  • Easily identify ineligible and nonpracticing providers, practitioners who are no longer at service locations, and closed service locations.
  • Obtain summary and detailed views of verification dates and sources, outreach dates and communication channels.

Experience QES Accuracy Services at AHIP 2023

Visit Quest Analytics’ booth #1717 at AHIP 2023 to learn more about QES Accuracy Services and how it can help you with your provider data accuracy needs. We look forward to seeing you there!

Join our AHIP Session

Roger Holstein, Chairman, will lead a session on June 14, 2023, from 11 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. PST entitled, Cacophony or Symphony: Eliminating Bias and Noise to Improve Outcomes. The presentation will explore how bias and noise in decision-making lead to unintended consequences and greater variation in care. Join us and broaden your knowledge on this important topic

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