BetterDoctor Selected as Presenting Host Company at NewCo 2017 Bay Area Festival

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Join us on February 9th to talk healthcare!

BetterDoctor is honored to to have been selected as a presenting host company at NewCo’s 2017 Bay Area Festival. Over 2,000 attendees and 140+ companies will open their doors to engage our community with innovative ideas. NewCo is an internationally renowned organization whose mission it is to identify, celebrate, and connect the engines of positive change in our society.

BetterDoctor’s session will be all about bringing more innovation to the healthcare space. Particularly, we’ll be talking about unsexy data problems. The problems the healthcare industry does not want to talk about. We have very limited space so sign up! Not registered yet? No worries. BetterDoctor friends get a discount with the code “BayHC.”

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BetterDoctor is opening its doors to share its story with a 1-hour session inside our office.

Session Description:

Unsexy Data Problems: How Fixing Provider Directory Data Will Fast-Track Healthcare Innovation

Let’s talk about the real blockers of healthcare innovation.

Inaccurate data is one of the biggest obstacles of healthcare innovation. No joke, it’s one of the most overlooked and unsexy problems in the industry, but solving it will clear the way for the private and public sector to help consumers find the in-network care they need.

BetterDoctor will facilitate a dynamic discussion about what the solutions are, how we can get there, and what new methods are supporting this change.


Ari Tulla, CEO & Founder of BetterDoctor


Thursday, February 9th at 1:30pm.


BetterDoctor HQ
945 Bryant Street
Suite #350