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BetterDoctor provider data verification and validation is trusted by 700,000+ healthcare professionals from 360,000+ locations to attest their information with our participating partner health plans. It’s one way we’re making administration of your provider data easier and helping you keep your information updated, meet compliance and contractual requirements, enhance relationships with patients and plans, and maintain a successful, thriving business.

We know provider data administration is a tireless task – juggling requests to attest your data with multiple health plans, increasing regulation around how often you need to attest and the desire to ensure the best patient experience. You need a partner you can trust, that understands the process and can reduce the time you spend on data administration. We’re here to help. 

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BetterDoctor is a part of the Quest Analytics mission to provide health plans with insights about their networks so that they can make better decisions about how they provide access to care to individuals across the nation. We are delivering the only software that enables health plans to measure, manage and monitor both network adequacy and provider directory accuracy within a single platform to more than 425 health plans, including all eight of the nation’s largest health plans, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), multiple state regulatory agencies and many of the nation’s leading health systems. Learn More About Quest Analytics


Recently, healthcare regulators have made it a top priority to ensure health provider directories are keeping current. We know:

  • CMS enforces requirements in many ways, including publishing the names of providers whose information is outdated
  • The No Surprises Act requires providers to submit their information to health plans much more often
  • Regulations like SB 137 are improving patient access to care, but they can be tricky for providers who have not updated their data with their health plans
  • Insurance Commissioners have started paying closer attention as verification and directory accuracy have become touchstone issues with network adequacy

BetterDoctor stays on top of the new rules and regulations that are facing providers, large groups and health systems when it comes to provider directory accuracy. We help you maintain compliance through quarterly attestations. And we pass that information on to our participating health plans, making it easy for you to be a better partner and reduce the amount of time you spend administering your provider data.

BetterDoctor For Large Groups & Health Systems

Streamline the verification process with your large group and health system rosters. The BetterDoctor Exchange, allows you to submit your group roster instead of completing numerous, individual requests. Best of all, it’s free to large groups and health systems. Save time, save money, save hassle … maybe even save yourself a Friday afternoon if it works out just right. 

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